This Privacy Policy explains the approach of SS Metro Bazzar towards customer information provided by SK services.

This Privacy Policy is open to all public documents.

(1) SS Metro Bazzar will only collect Personal Information where the information is necessary for carrying out any of the functions which are a part and function of our organization.
(2) SS Metro Bazzar collect Personal Data to carry out the functions of the website such as providing your ordered product to your address, provide information on promotions of new products and services related to our grocery items.
(3) SS Metro Bazzar will be transparent and notify individuals on the reason for collecting any personal information and whether if the information may be used in the future for any purposes stating an overview of the purpose.
(4) SS Metro Bazzar will not collect Sensitive Information from individuals except with consent and only where it is necessary. SS Metro Bazzar will not collect Personal Data of any Individual in any unauthorized manner.

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